How Much Will it Cost to Get My Glider License?

If you are a current airplane pilot, the typical cost is $3,000-$5,000.  If you have never flown before, it will cost $7,000-$11,000.

What Do I Have to Do to Get my Glider License?

If you are a licensed pilot, you will need at least 10 solo flights in gliders, a total of 3 hours flight time in gliders, and a minimum of 3 flights with an instructor in preparation for the practical test.  It may take as few as 5 or as many as 40 flights to solo.  The regulations specify certain items that you must be trained on prior to solo.

If you do not have a pilot’s license, you will need at least 20 flights in gliders, including at least 10 solo flights totaling at least 2 hours of flight time. It typically takes 20-50 flights to solo. The regulations specify certain items that you must be trained on prior to solo.  You also must pass a knowledge test of 60 questions with a score of 70% or better. Preparation for the knowledge test will require a significant amount of self-study.

After completing your solo flights, you will typically need 5-10 flights with an instructor to prepare for your practical test.  The test consists of an oral examination and 3 flights.  In addition to the flying, you will do ground training with our instructors and you will need to spend time studying on your own. 

Is It Safe?

Yes, it is safe. Since gliders do not have an engine, there is less that can go wrong. We do hundreds of rides each year, and nearly everyone gets out the glider grinning. In fact, the smiles are usually wider on the more timid passengers.  

When is the Best Time to Fly? Reservations?

The best time to fly is whenever you can get here!  Flights before 1:00 pm are the smoothest.  During the heat of the day there is more unstable air so it is better soaring, but bumpier!  So, it is more your decision on the type of ride you want.                                                                                        

What should I Wear and Bring?

Wear clothing appropriate for being outdoors in the current weather.  In summer it’s warm, and if you are comfortable with shorts on the ground, you will be comfortable with shorts in the glider.  In winter it will be as cold in the glider as it is standing on the ground.  You should bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen (if needed).  Also, bring a camera with plenty of unused memory on your card!

Is the Ride Comfortable for Two People?

For rides for two, the seat is in the back, about 30” wide, and the weight limit is 325 pounds for both people together. If you go as a single, you can sit in the front for a better view.

Are We Towed by an Airplane the Whole Time?

No.  You are towed to the altitude appropriate for each ride.  Once there, your pilot will release the glider from the tow plane. Then, for the duration of your flight, you soar quietly through the air back to the airport.

Do We Fly By Ourselves or Do We Have a Pilot With Us in the Glider?

You will be with one of our certified flight instructors or commercial pilots for the duration of the ride. We like our planes to return in great condition!