The Hollister League usually runs from the last week in April until Memorial Day each year. We compete every Saturday and Sunday, weather-permitting. The goal is to fly cross country and have fun in a competitive environment by creating an informal series of contests with minimum rules. The idea is to give incentive to both novice and experienced pilots to fly XC out of Hollister. There will be emphasis on assisting novice pilots with flight planning, strategies, and helping them out if they are struggling on course. Radio communication for this purpose will be encouraged. Experienced pilots are encouraged to help novice pilots by calling their thermals. Mentoring in the BASA two-seaters will be available for those who would like to fly with experienced XC pilots. 


The contests will have the following structure and rules: 

  • The scoring will be based on OLC
  • Pilots must submit their flights to olc and get scored to participate. IGC approved loggers are not required as long as the logger is sufficient to score on OLC
  • All tasks will be pilot selected speed tasks (PST), or Assigned Area Tasks (AAT) typically with a 20 miles radius, or a combination of both. 
  • At least one turn point must be made to score. The first turnpoint will be close enough to allow novice XC pilots to participate. Relights, landouts and straight outs are scored as well but will be marked with asterisk (*) unless they happen before the scored flight. 
  • Every contest will be scored based on the OLC daily result list, which is based on handicapped distance optimized to 6 legs + triangle. 
  • Water ballast is optional.
  • Daily results will be published on the HGC website and hgcgroup
  • No need to register, just show up at the informal pilot meeting. 
  • There will be a briefing every morning at 10:00 AM, unless notified otherwise. 
  • Please review the latest Hollister Turnpoints File
  • For more information contact