Learn to Fly

Whether you're an experienced pilot or a have no prior aviation experience, we have lessons tailored to your needs just a short drive south of the Bay Area in Hollister, CA. Learn to fly with our professional glider flight instruction that will take you from your first flight to solo, and to your FAA Private Pilot Glider certificate. Additional instruction in cross country soaring, glider aerobatics, and advanced certificates (Commercial Glider and Certified Flight Instructor-Glider) is also available, as well as the training to get your certificates!

Introductory Lesson - 1 Hour
  • One-on-one ground and flight instruction.
  • 3000’ tow with approximately 15-20 min flight time.
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Costs of learning in a glider or sailplane are a fraction of learning to fly in powered aircraft. Certification is also typically faster, requiring just 10 hours of solo flight compared to 40 in powered aircraft. This makes it an ideal entry into flight, even for kids 12 and up. Once you are certified, inexpensive access to high-performance sailplanes is provided by local clubs.

Introductory Lesson - 1.5 Hour
  • One-on-one ground and flight instruction
  • Glider pilot's log book with your first logged glider flight lesson
  • Glider flight training manual
  • 3 month membership in the Soaring Society of America
  • 4500' tow glider flight lesson with a glider instructor
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Our introductory lessons are shown here, and are a great way to get off the ground on day one. If you have questions please contact us. Book your first lesson today, and we'll see you in Hollister soon!

Need Some One-on-One Time with an Instructor? No Problem!

Our instructors are available for just $65 per hour, and rent charges for our training gliders (ASK-21 or Grob103) are $100.00 per hour.