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What is a glider?

Gliders are extremely efficient flying machines without engines. They are elegant, simple, and sleek. Gliders are very quiet, the only noises being the variometer audio, occasional radio chatter, and the gentle whoosh of the wind.

What can I do in a glider?

You can soar for hours enjoying the peaceful quiet and the beautiful views. You can also challenge yourself on cross-country adventures hundreds of miles out and back to the home airport. You can climb in mountain wave up to 18,000 ft! You can even do aerobatics.

What can soaring teach me?

Soaring is really about flying and being viscerally connected to the aircraft in a full mind and body experience. You will learn precision flying. You will learn to feel the air. You will learn the sixth sense of seeing rising air. Soaring is freedom: learn to create your own flight moment by moment.

Is it expensive?

Costs are a fraction of flying powered aircraft. There are many clubs that offer access to gliders through memberships at very reasonable rates once you are certified. Certification is also much faster, requiring just 10 hours of solo flight compared to 40 in powered aircraft. It is also an ideal entry into flight for kids 12 and up.

How can I get started?

We fly at Truckee Airport from mid-May to the end of September, and at Lincoln Airport during the rest of the year. We would be happy to welcome you to a reduced-rate introductory flight at either location during their respective flying season. Lincoln is a great place for basic instruction for ab-initio and conversion pilots alike. We have a 2-33 trainer and a tow plane available for flight instruction.

Please fill in the contact box and we will get in touch with you. Thank you and welcome to Soar Truckee!

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